Advanced Features

Zoom effects, Hovers & Interactions

All of your Interactive Tools can be customized to create a seamless experience! Using some of these features can help you take your Tours to the next level.

Zoom Effects

One of the greatest things about Tourial is the zoom effect. To add one, just add a new step using the + icon in the Storyboard, and then edit your zoom state from the sidebar editor. That's it!

Customizing your Tools

We already have default interactions in place for you! In the event that you want to modify the interactions, you can do so by doing the following:

First, click the element you want to add an interaction to (i.e. button, hotspot).

Next, navigate to the Configure tab in the right sidebar editor and scroll down to where you can see the Hotspot, Click Zone options.

Then, add a On Click or On Hover from the dropdown options.

Finally, choose your interaction destinations. You have several options such as Jump to page, Toggle Tooltip, and External link (and several others).

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