Create an SFDC report using Engagement Data

See how to easily build reporting using the custom report type from Tourial

Tourial Engagement Data sends activity to Salesforce Lead, Contact, and Account records making it easy to get insights into intent using the reports automatically generated by the Tourial Content view custom object.

To start, log in to your Salesforce instance (assuming you've already integrated Tourial with Salesforce) and then click New Report under the Reports section of Salesforce.

Search for Tourial under and you'll find reports for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. For the purpose of this, we'll select the Tourial Content Views with Lead

Under the Filters tab, we recommend selecting "all tourial content views" and using "all time" for first session date to get started.

As you build your outline using whatever fields needed, you can find all the Tourial Content View fields available by searching "Tourial". We recommend starting with at least Tourial Content Name, Date Viewed, and Lead: Email.

Once you have your report built, grouping rows by field(s) will also allow you to create a chart on your report. For example, you could see how many records have engaged with different pieces of Tourial Content over a period of time (Tours, Demo Centers, TourPlayers).

With several reports created, you can quickly drop them into a dashboard for Tourial Engagement or add reports to an existing marketing/sales dashboard!

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