Engagement Data with Pardot

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Once you've completed the setup of the Pardot Integration, you'll start to see Tourial engagement data for known contacts in your Pardot account. This data will be visible on a contact under external activity, and you'll be able to create lists, engagement programs, and reports based on a contact's engagement with your Product Tours. ā€‹ Tourial Engagement Data is sent to Pardot through a cookie that Tourial sets. Once your account is connected to Pardot, Tour engagement activity will be recorded for any cookied visitor.

Contact Record Activity Feed

An external activity is created each time a contact engages with one of your Tourials. You'll see a Tourial activity item under External Activities with the following information:

  • Tourial Name

    • Name of the Tourial as indicated in your Tourial account (this will display up to 30 characters max of your Tourial name)

  • Completion Rate

    • The range percentage of your Tour the visitor engaged with based on the number of steps completed against the total number of steps in your Tourial

    • < 10%, 10-24%, 25-49%, 50-74%, 75-99%, or 100%

Note: The date and time are stamped by Pardot and shown under Date/Time to the right of the external activity. ā€‹

Form Submissions

When someone submits a Tourial form and it's connected to your Pardot Form Handler, that activity will show under Prospect Activities above External Activities. ā€‹

Using Engagement Data

You can use Tourial Engagement Data in Pardot to segment contacts, start a Pardot Engagement Program, or as a part of Automation Rules. Using Automation Rules, or within Engagement Programs, you can send emails, notify your team, or even adjust their Score within a Scoring Category.


Using Tourial Engagement Data within Pardot Engagement Programs

You can create a Trigger (or listening event) when a Tourial View occurs and then add actions as needed

Using Tourial Engagement Data within Pardot Engagement Programs

Within Automation Rules, you can use the values for Engagement Data to take action based on set criteria that either match all, or match any.

We suggest creating one for each Completion Rate range you'd like to take action on for each live Tour to ensure all scenarios are covered.

For example, create for any when value is [tour name | percent range]:

Acme Tour | < 10%
Acme Tour | 10-24%
Acme Tour | 25-49%
Acme Tour | 50-74%
Acme Tour | 75-99%
Acme Tour | 100%

Send Slack notifications to your team automatically

If you're a Slack user, you can connect Pardot to Slack and create an automatic notification to a Slack channel when someone submits your Tourial Form handler.

Follow these instructions on adding the Slack Connector.

This article also walks through the connection process and ways to create custom messages using Merge Fields.

After connecting Slack, add the completion action Notify Slack channel to your Form Handler, select a channel, and add your custom message.

Boom, instant alerts in Slack so your team can act on interested buyers.

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