Add Tourial Engagement to record's Lightning page

Create a Tourial tab on your lead, contact, or account record using Lightning page layouts

Here, we'll create a tab on a record page so you can easily access Engagement Activities on a specific lead, contact, or account record (the process is the same for each).

For the purpose of this, we'll use the Account object.

  1. Go to Salesforce Setup.

  1. Go to Object Manager

  1. Search Object Manager for your object and then select the Account object (or whichever object you're adding Tourial Engagement Data to)

  1. Before adding to a Lightning Page, you need to add Tourial Content View to the Page Layout first. Select Page Layouts > Related Lists > Tourial Content View. Drag it to the layout. Click Save.

  1. Now find Lightning Record Pages, select your Lead Layout, and click Edit.

You'll see something like this (based on your custom lead page layout). You'll notice we've added our Tourial Engagement tab to the main section next to Details and Lead History and under Lead Stages.

  1. Click on the section you wish to add a Tourial Engagement tab to and then click Add Tab in the righthand panel. Select Custom and a title -- we used Tourial Engagement.

  1. Now add Related Lists - Single from the lefthand panel into your Tourial Engagement section.

  1. In the search bar on the right, scroll and select Tourial Content Views.

  1. Now you'll see the Tourial Content Views under the newly created Tourial Engagement tab (yours might show 0 for now).

  1. Click Save, and you're all set!

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