Engagement Data with Salesforce

Install the Tourial Salesforce package

Requirements: Must be an SFDC administrator and a Tourial Admin

  1. In the Tourial app, go to Integrations, Salesforce and click Connect or Manage Integration if you've previously connected Salesforce Lead Forms.

  2. Click the link to install the Salesforce package. Choose to install for all users (or only specific profiles) and click Install.

  1. Once installed, you'll have a new custom object called Tourial Content View

  1. To see the available fields for Engagement Data, select Fields & Relationships

Engagement Data

Once you've completed installing the SFDC package and ensured Engagement Activity is turned on in the Tourial app, you'll start to see Tourial engagement data flowing to your Salesforce Lead/Contact records. You'll also be able to view and use Tourial Engagement Data on the Account level.

Note: An email address is required for Tourial to send Engagement Data to a record in Salesforce. This means a visitor must submit a form on any Tourial product (tour, TourPlayer or Demo Center) at some point before Engagement Data can be attached to a record.

An engagement event is created each time a lead/contact engages with any of your Tourial experiences.

Available fields:

  • Tourial Content Name

    • Name of the Tourial Demo Center or Microsite (TourPlayer)

  • Tourial Content Date Viewed

    • Date the content was viewed

  • Tourial Content Type

    • Indicates whether the content was a Demo Center, Tour, or Microsite (TourPlayer)

  • Tourial Content URL

    • The shareable URL of the Tourial Content from your account

  • Tourial Content Total Seconds

    • The total amount of time in seconds a visitor spent during a single session

  • Tourial Content Total CTA Clicks

    • Count that refers to the number of external link clicks, forms viewed, and schedulers opened throughout the Tourial

  • Tourial First Session Date

    • Date the content was viewed for the first time (stamps one and does not override)

  • Tourial Last Session Date

    • Most recent date the content was viewed (this field gets overwritten with each session)

  • Tourial Content Total Forms Viewed

    • Count referring to the number of forms that were viewed

  • Tourial Content Total Forms Submitted

    • Count referring to the number of forms submitted

  • Tourial Content Total Schedulers Opened

    • Count referring to the number of schedulers that were viewed/opened

  • Tourial Content Total Events Scheduled

    • Count referring to the number of schedulers submitted (i.e. a meeting was scheduled)

  • Tourial Content ID

    • ID of the Tourial Content from the Tourial database

  • Tourial Content Session ID

    • ID of the session from the Tourial database

  • Tourial Content Visitor ID

    • ID of the visitor from the Tourial database

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

  • Lead

    • Name of the lead record

  • Owner

    • Name of the record owner

  • Account

    • Name of the account associated with the lead or content if known

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