Pushing Engagement Data from HubSpot to SFDC


  • You have the HubSpot Engagement Data Integration setup and live

  • You have Salesforce integrated with your HubSpot account

For a quick and easy way to sync Tourial Engagement Data from HubSpot to Salesforce, you can use HubSpot's native feature - Sync HubSpot Activities to Salesforce Tasks. ​ ​Note: This makes use of existing HubSpot features and is not a sync feature built by Tourial.

Turning on Activity sync to Salesforce

  1. In your HubSpot account, go to Settings > Integrations > Connected Apps

  2. Select Salesforce and then click on the Activities tab

  3. Scroll down to the bottom where it says Installed integration event. Checkmark the box and then select the Salesforce Task Type as Other

It may take several minutes for the sync to begin, but once new Tour Engagement Data comes into HubSpot, that activity card on a contact record will sync to the Salesforce lead/contact record as a task. ​ Every data point from the Engagement Data in HubSpot will sync to Salesforce. However, per HubSpot's guide, the data sync is not retroactive. Engagement Data will only sync to Salesforce for events occurring after the sync is turned on.

Your Salesforce task will look like the below, matching the way it's listed in HubSpot. ​

πŸ›‘ Important Note: Turning on the Installed integration event sync to Salesforce may also begin syncing other integrations events depending on the integrations you have within HubSpot.

Be mindful of this before turning it on as HubSpot doesn't provide a way to select specific integrations. ​ Events like Zoom Webinar Registrations, for example, may also sync to Salesforce.

(We use this sync feature and our sales team loves it for historical information in addition to the real-time Slack alerts! At the time of writing in May 2023, our team has not personally experienced an influx of other integration events syncing to Salesforce for the integrations we internally use like Zoom, Calendly, Salesloft, and Intercom)

Please reach out to HubSpot Support if you have specific inquiries related to your installed integrations outside of Tourial.

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