There are 2 Core Integrations with Salesforce:

  1. Lead Forms

  2. Engagement Data

For either, you'll need to begin by setting up the connection between Tourial and Salesforce.

If you plan on using Salesforce lead forms, head to Lead Forms in Salesforce.

Connect in the Tourial App

Step 1: Connect your Salesforce account to Tourial

From your integrations page, click Connect to begin the authentication process

Click Allow Access on the Salesforce verification page

Next you need to install the SFDC package

Turn on Engagement Activity

Once you've successfully connected your Salesforce account, you'll be redirected back to the Integrations page in the Tourial app.

Now, click Manage Integration >> Settings to get to Salesforce settings page.

In the section labeled Engagement Activity, you'll see a dropdown menu to turn Engagement Activity on or off.

To ensure Tourial engagement data is captured and sent to Salesforce, select Engagement Activity ON. This must be done before engagement activity can send to Salesforce.

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