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Once you've completed the setup of the HubSpot Integration, you'll start to see Tourial engagement data populating in your HubSpot account. This data will be visible in the contact record activity feed, and you'll also be able to create lists, workflows, and reports based on visitors' engagement with your Tourials. ā€‹ Tourial Engagement Data is sent to HubSpot via HubSpot Cookies. Once your account is connected to HubSpot, Tour engagement activity will be recorded for any cookied visitor. See FAQs below for additional information.

Contact Record Activity Feed

A timeline event is created each time a contact engages with one of your Tourials. The following data is displayed:

Engagement Data

  • Time Spent on Tourial (Seconds)

    • The total amount of time in seconds a visitor spent on a Tour during a single session

  • Total Clicks

    • Count that refers to the total number of clicks throughout the Tourial

  • CTA Clicks

    • Count that refers to the number of external link clicks, forms viewed, and schedulers opened throughout the Tourial

  • External Link Clicks

    • Count that refers to the number of external links clicked on across the Tourial

  • Forms Viewed

    • Count that refers to the number of forms that were viewed across the Tourial

  • Forms Submitted

    • Count that refers to the number of forms submitted

Tourial Metadata

  • Tourial Name

    • Name of the Tourial as indicated in your Tourial account

  • Tourial URL

    • The shareable URL for the Tourial

  • Tourial ID

    • ID of the Tourial from the Tourial database

  • Session ID

    • ID of the session from the Tourial database

  • Visitor ID

    • ID of the visitor from the Tourial database

  • Date Viewed

    • Date the Tourial was viewed

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

Not seeing any data in the activity feed? Make sure you've selected Tourial in the activity filter, under the Integrations section:

Lists and Workflows

When creating a list or setting up a workflow, you'll have access to the above Tourial engagement data. ā€‹ In a filter, first type "Tourial" and select Tourial: Tourial View Timeline Event Properties. Then you'll see the full list of Engagement data points to select.

Available properties to filter on:

  • Occurred

  • Tourial: All Tourials Viewed - String field that can be used to search by Tourial name

  • Tourial: CTA Clicks - Total number of external link clicks, forms viewed, and schedulers opened on that Tourial Content

  • Tourial: Date Viewed - Date the Tourial Content was viewed

  • Tourial: External Links Clicked - Number of clicks on any external link in a Tourial

  • Tourial: First Session Date - Date a contact first interacted with Tourial Content

  • Tourial: Forms Submitted - Number of forms submitted

  • Tourial: Forms Viewed - Number of forms viewed (even if not submitted)

  • Tourial: ID - ID of the Tourial from the Tourial database

  • Tourial: Last Session Date - Date a contact last interacted with Tourial Content

  • Tourial: Last Tourial Viewed - Name of the most recent Tourial viewed

  • Tourial: Name - Name of the Tourial Content from your Tourial account

  • Tourial: Session ID - ID of the session from the Tourial database

  • Tourial: Time Spent (Seconds) - Total time in seconds the contact has spent on a specific Tourial

  • Tourial: Total Clicks - Count referring to the total number of any type of click throughout a Tourial

  • Tourial: Total Events Scheduled - Total number of events scheduled via scheduler integration

  • Tourial: Total Schedulers Opened - Total number of times a scheduler was clicked on

  • Tourial: Total Seconds on All Tourials - Total time in seconds spent on all Tourials

  • Tourial: Total Sessions - Total number of sessions that contact has had across all Tourials

  • Tourial: Total Unique Tourials Viewed - Number of unique Tourials viewed by a contact

  • Tourial: URL - The unique URL for a Tourial which can be used to pull data on a specific Tourial

  • Tourial: Visitor ID - ID of the visitor from the Tourial database

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign


  1. How is Hubspot identifying the "known" contacts on ungated tours?

    1. We use HubSpot cookies. So if the cookie has been identified, then it's a known contact, otherwise, the data is still tracked to that cookie for if/when that cookie becomes identified in the future. Typically the process for converting an anonymous visitor to a known lead is through a form. Form submissions attach the HubSpot cookie to associate the cookie with the visitor.

  2. Can HubSpot forget a cookied visitor?

    1. This is dependent on the user's browser. If someone clears their cookies they are no longer known until they identify themselves again.

  3. Can we set up an automation to gate a Tourial only when a contact is unknown? (i.e. - keep them ungated for known contacts and gated for unknown)

    1. Not at this time.

  4. If a website visitor declines cookies, will they still be known in HubSpot?

    1. If there is no HubSpot cookie, they cannot be tracked, so Tourial Engagement Data would not be sent to HubSpot.

  5. Can we tie into Clearbit form shortening?

    1. No, not at this time, but Clearbit (and other Identity Rez solutions) are something we plan to look into in Q1-2023.

  6. Can Tourial Analytics tie into Google Analytics?

    1. Similar answer as above. We have engagement data/analytics updates we're considering for Q1-2023 that include looking into how GA fits.

  7. How often is Tourial Engagement Data sent to HubSpot?

    1. We send the data to Hubspot with every session. There are a lot of options for your to filter, create lists, or build workflows in Hubspot based on Engagement Data.

  8. Is Engagement Data retroactive for visitors that aren't currently in our HubSpot database?

    1. Activity does retroactively update a contact record if they were cookied and interacted with a tour prior to becoming identified.

      Say someone isn't known in HubSpot, but they're cookied and view a tour. Three days later they convert through a form submission and become a contact in HubSpot. The Tourial Engagement Data captured earlier will be visible on that contact record.

  9. How does the Tourial <> HubSpot form integration work?

    1. First, you create a HubSpot form for your tour (this could be an existing form or a new one specific to your tours). Then, in the Tourial builder, after selecting Forms, you'll connect your HubSpot form to Tourial and your form fields will import.

  10. So then Tourial has the ability to capture PII Information?

    1. PII is Personal Identifiable Information ā€“ we only store PII for customers that create tours within the builder (because you create a Tourial account). As far as any lead data collected through a form in a tour, we collect this info and pass it to HubSpot, and then HubSpot stores it. But, we do not store that information.

If you have any questions about the engagement data sent to HubSpot, feel free to chat with us using the chat feature in the lower right corner, or email

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