Leads Forms in Salesforce

The Salesforce lead form integration allows you to tag leads created from your Tours with a custom field "Tourial Source". You can then pass your Tour Form submission information to your Salesforce lead or contact record.

Before connecting SFDC to Tourial

Prior to connecting Salesforce to Tourial, please log into your Salesforce account and create a new custom field > checkbox on the Lead Object.

Type in Tourial_Source for the Field Label. This will populate the Field Name which is what's used in the API when you complete mapping fields in a later step. (if you want to change the "label" you may, but the "field name" must be Tourial_Source.

You may then choose to add this custom field to your Lead Layout if you want it to be visible when viewing a lead record.

Once you have the custom field created, head back to your Tourial account to complete the integration connection.

Connect a Tourial form to Salesforce

1. Back in Tourial, select Forms, then Create a new form

2. At the top, add a form name

3. Below, there are several options to add or edit fields, and style your form. First, click Content to connect your Salesforce form

4. You can add a headline and description text. Select Integration, then Import fields

5. Select the Salesforce object to connect your form to (this must match the object you created the custom field on, so more than likely you'll be selecting the Lead object from the dropdown)

You can type "Lead" to easily search for this object and select it

6. Select all the fields you want your Tourial form to map to in your Salesforce account (you do not need to add the custom checkbox field "Tourial_Source" you just created)

Note: Make sure the number of fields in your Tourial form matches the fields you've selected from Salesforce, otherwise you'll potentially send empty data or the integration will fail.

7. Style your form as you wish by using the remaining form settings

8. If you choose to show the confirmation modal, you can edit and style it under the Confirmation tab

9. Save your form

When you want to add this form to your Tourial, you'll open the tour in the builder.

1. Select the page you want to add a form to and click Form

2. Choose your form from the dropdown menu and then toggle on Add form

Note: If you're adding this form to the beginning of your tour or somewhere in the middle, checkmark the Gated box. This prevents viewers from proceeding with the tour unless they complete the form.

Success! 🎉 Confirm the connection by sending a test lead through the form to make sure it goes through to your Salesforce account!

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