👉 Take a Tour before Getting Started👈

G2 Product Profiles allow you to add an interactive tour or demo to your account so you can showcase your product's "how" quickly and easily. Follow the steps below after you've launched your tour.

​Requirements: You must be on a paid subscription with G2 to access their Interactive Demo feature.

  1. Login to my.g2.com

  2. On the left sidebar click “Product Profile”

  3. Click on the “Interactive Demo” ​

  4. Within the interactive demo page, click “Add Demo”

  5. Back in Tourial, copy your Tourial URL by clicking Save

    1. We recommend cloning your Tour first to differentiate Tour analytics

      👉 Note: If you're on a plan with white-labeled URLs, you'll need to switch your root domain and the Tourial subdomain (i.e. update tours.acme.com to acme.tourial.com).

  6. Paste the URL into the Demo URL field

    1. Depending on whether you have a navbar created for your tour page, you can choose whether to display that using the full url (i.e. including the /pages, or remove that to hide it on G2 but use it elsewhere) https://acme.tourial.com/pages/product-tour or https://acme.tourial.com/product-tour

  7. Upload a preview image ​

  8. Click Save

And that's it! You and visitors can find the product tour under your page's “Media” section on the product profile page 🥳

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