User Management

There are three user tiers within Tourial: Viewer, Editor, and Admin.

Admin Permissions

As an Admin, you'll see an option for Manage Users under Settings. ​
Admins have additional permissions on top of being an Editor and can do the following:
  • Add a subdomain (for Engagement Data)
  • Create new users
  • Edit an existing user
    • Change their user role (Viewer, Editor, or Admin)
    • Update email addresses (in case of initial typos, etc.)
  • Deactivate a user
  • Re-activate a deactivated user
  • View a list of all active & inactive users (Admins cannot delete users)
    • The active and inactive user list displays:
      • Name
      • User email
      • Role (Access Level)
      • Active/Inactive toggle
      • Created date
      • Last Activity date

Editor Permissions

As an Editor, you have full access to Tourial functionality to build Tours, connect Integrations, add Branding, etc. ​ Editors are not able to create, manage or view Account users (as listed above for Admins).

Viewer Permissions

As a Viewer, you can see everything in Tourial (Tours, Forms, etc.) and grab Share links. Viewers are not able to create Tours or edit existing Tours.
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