Editing Tour Best Practices

Tooltip best practices

Keep tooltips brief & to the point.

If your message is long, consider plugging it into an LLM like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google Gemini to help shorten the copy. Not only will this keep your Tourial accessible, it will also keep potential buyers engaged.

Avoid placing the tooltip too close to the edge to avoid overflow

The closer your tooltips coincide with the edge of the screen, the more likely they are to overflow on smaller screens.

Sizing best practices

Treat the frame size previewer as a QA Tool that we can use to make sure the tour looks and feels great at all screen sizes for all buyers.

Not seeing the options for Medium and/or Large Frame? This likely means that the screen you're viewing the Tour on doesn't have enough space to display the larger versions of the tour.

When building your tours, it is important to test all screens at all sizes to make sure that every one of your buyers has a great experience.

Note: When embedding your tours on your website, most visitors will see the "Medium" sized version of the tour. When sharing the URL for the tour page, most visitors will be viewing the large version of the tour. Small sizes are the least viewed version and are typically accessed by a shrunken browser window or an iPad Mini (or similarly small screen size that doesn't allow the Tour to display a larger version.)

Tip: If you intend to primarily share your tour on small devices or through a small embed , we recommend setting your tour to a smaller frame size before you start building.

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