Interactive Topics

Prompt your buyers into the content experience of their choice

Interactive Topics are how you will navigate users through your Demo Center. They are high-level criteria your buyers are searching for.

  1. Get started by selecting one of our templates or create a Topic from scratch.

  1. Once you've named your Topic it's time to generate the Prompt. This is the statement or question you are asking buyers to answer to help guide them to the most relevant content.

  1. Then, select your Prompt Type -

  • Single Select - users can only select one option from the answers you create

  • Multiselect - users can select more than one option from the answers you create

  • Opt-in - used for "yes/no" questions, users can only select one option

  • Interest Scale - used to gauge importance or interest related to a prompt, only one option can be selected

  • No Prompt - used to provide content without requiring any response from the user (ex: an intro or welcome topic)

  1. Next, add your Prompt Answers (options for users to respond). For this example, we would enter the different Use Cases that our buyers are here to learn about.

  1. Once you've clicked Add Track, you can add content for that Prompt Answer.

What types of content can I add?

  • Interactive Tours

  • Videos

    • direct mp4 upload or URL import (ex: YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo)

  • PDFs

  • Images

Congrats! You've created your first Demo Center Interactive Topic! Continue to the next article to finish your Demo Center! 🎉

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