Navigation & Format

Optimizing your Demo Center with optional selections

There are three sections within Navigation & format: Intro Page< navigation, and Gated topics.

Intro Page

Welcome your visitors to the demo center with a brief message and an overview of your product.

The Intro Page is an optional setting. Toggle this setting on or off based on the experience you'd like to provide.

Within the Intro Page, you'll set a Header, Subheader, and Demo Button Text. The right side shows a preview of your Intro Page.

This is where you'll add links for your main navigation and also toggle on/off two other settings for Gallery View and Video Autoplay. This section also shows a preview on the right.

  • Logo URL

  • CTA

    • Add your CTA text and then choose a click action: External link, Scheduler integration like Calendly, Chili Piper, HubSpot, or Open Form.

  • Gallery View

  • Autoplay Video Content

Gated Topics

Gated topics require a visitor to fill out a form before accessing that topic. Select a form and check the topics you want to gate.

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