Supported Content in Demo Centers

Let's explore the different content types of content and file types you can deploy to enrich your Demo Center.

Content Categories and Types

Interactive Demos

Engage and captivate with hands-on experiences:

- Media Tours: Guide your audience through a visual storyline.

- HTML Tours: Immerse users with web-based interactive tours.

- Automated Tours: Automate the exploration journey with scripted tours.


Tell your story with motion and emotion:

- Direct Uploads: Share your narratives directly (up to 25MB; formats: .mp4, .mov, .webm)

- Import via URL: Seamlessly integrate videos from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, and Vidyard.


Capture attention with stunning visuals:

- Direct Upload: Bring your Demo Center to life (up to 25MB; formats: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .svg, .webp)

- Import via URL: Incorporate images from any hosting service in the above supported file types


Convey in-depth information elegantly:

- Direct Upload: Share comprehensive guides and reports (up to 25MB; format: .pdf).

- Import via URL: Access PDFs from anywhere to support your narrative.

Website URLs*

Expand your horizon:

- Integrate web content seamlessly. Note: Effectiveness may vary due to content container dimensions.

*If the website does not allow for its content to be embedded in an iframe, the content will not load. Test your content in a Demo Center first before launching.

Slide Decks

Enrich presentations with dynamic slides:

- Google Slides: Embed presentations via URL from Presenter Mode for an interactive experience.

Adding Google Slides to your Demo Center

Crafting a Compelling Demo Center

The most impactful Demo Centers artfully blend various content types to cater to different stages of the buyer's journey. Whether your focus is on interactive demos, detailed PDFs, or a balanced mix including videos and images, the goal is to meet your buyers where they are. Tailoring your content to their learning needs ensures a resonant and engaging educational path.

Embrace Your Content Library

Your Demo Center is always in sync with your full interactive demo library, ready to showcase the heart of your digital storytelling. However, when it comes to the broader content universe you've cultivated, we'll need to bridge a few gaps to bring everything under one roof.

Uploading vs. URL Importing:

Direct Uploads: Jumpstart your Demo Center with immediate media uploads. Keep in mind, each piece can be up to 25MB. Good when you’ve got the files on your local computer and need Tourial to host them.

URL Imports: When size matters not, but reach does. Import media via URLs for seamless integration without the file size ceiling. Ideal for extensive videos, complex interactive demos, or large documentations that live online.

By blending direct uploads with URL imports, your Demo Center becomes a more comprehensive, engaging, and informative platform for your audience.

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